Why Is Apex So Hard?

Is Apex legends losing popularity?

The easy answer is no.

EA recently released that Apex made 450 million in 2019 and has been averaging 150 million a quarter.

The games casual gamer base is huge and it isn’t going anywhere..

Is Apex good now?

After five seasons of updates and changes, Apex Legends is still very much the top-notch battle royale experience it was shortly after it launched. Recent efforts to fold more story content into its offerings show promise and elevate its setting, even if the first slate of Quest missions themselves were repetitive.

Key takeaways. The battle royale phenomenon Apex Legends is still going strong in 2021. In late 2020, the game joined Steam and quickly entered the top 5 most played games on Steam. Many people compare two of the best battle royale games of all time – Apex Legends vs Fortnite.

Is Apex harder than fortnite?

No, it’s an easier to play game. … Apex legends isn’t harder to play than fortnite, but has a difficulty just like all other battle royales. You might have a hard time getting used to the first person view, where you’re seeing what the character is seeing.

Are apex legends tough?

But the bigger issue is that Apex Legends isn’t built for the average gamer. It’s a game that is extremely unforgiving for people that don’t put the time in to it…

Why do I die so fast in Apex?

If you are an interceptor or storm you will die fast that’s just the way they are designed. You have to get used to the mechanics of dodging for these javelins in particular.

Is PUBG a dead game?

There’s no denying it – PUBG is still an incredibly popular game. However, its playerbase has been slowly dropping this past couple of years, despite new content drops. In April 2018, the game averaged 1.1m concurrent player and enjoyed peaks of 2.5m.

Who will be the next apex Legend season 6?

Respawn introduced Forge in a ‘reveal’ trailer giving an introduction to the character. Forge was showcased as bait in Season 4 but Revenant was later revealed to be the newest legend to come to the game. Many believe that we may see the likes of Forge before Rampart.

Is Apex or fortnite better?

Apex Legends has a stronger focus on the actual weapons and for most people, the tight first-person shooter controls greatly outweigh the looser third-person shooting and building of Fortnite. Hard to take someone out if they build a house around themselves in two seconds.

Does anyone still play apex?

Apex Legends total players Apex Legends launched on Steam in November 2020, and the player count has been growing steadily since. It reached a new peak of 198,000 in late February 2021. Average concurrent players (number of players online at any moment) in February on Steam alone was 120,000 – a 50% gain from January.

How many players are playing apex right now?

In 2019 Apex Legends garnered 70 million registered players. According to our estimated data in 2020 Apex players are now around 100 million players worldwide.

Is Apex legend dying?

But lately, Apex Legends has been dying a slow death. Its popularity is in steady decline, its player count is falling, and things have generally gone downhill for EA’s battle royale contender.

Why am I dying so fast in Apex legends?

It means you’ve done 60 damage and it’s adding up as you are hitting them. Go change the settings and it will act more like a regular game where you see the actual damage each shot does. maybe it’s connection issues. Maybe You are going up against great coordinated teams too.

Is Apex easy?

Learning Apex will not be easy but you can do it. Persevere! It is a journey that will make you smarter and more desirable on the job market. The use of the above 4 resources combined with the 2 tools and 3 attitudes will bring triumph to your clutch.

Who has the smallest hitbox in Apex legends?

WraithWho Has the Smallest Hitbox in Apex Legends. It’s important to remember that while hitboxes play a significant role, there are many other factors that decide how strong a character is. That aside, Wraith still has the smallest hitbox despite a recent change in Season 8 updating her model.

How long does it take to get good at Apex?

I recommend it. I have about 700 hours on the game on console and I’d say I’ve gotten pretty good. I think I would have gotten the 20 kill badge by now if they hadn’t introduced SBMM. I’ve gotten 10+ a couple times even with the SBMM.

Who is the next character in Apex season 6?

The season, which is called “Boosted,” will also introduce a new character named Rampart, who can be seen in the season 6 trailer firing and working on a new Gatling gun she calls Shiela, which could be part of her ultimate ability.

Is Apex legends noob friendly?

Very beginner friendly at least for the first 30 hours. I started recently and i’m having a lot of fun with it. It was a bit overwhelming to learn all the weapons and items but it was still fun, you should get matched with new players too so yeah.

Is Ash the new apex legend?

Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, and so far, the closest direct connection between the two games has been the inclusion of Ash from Titanfall 2 in Season 5 of Apex Legends. … Season 8 of Apex Legends was recently launched, yet there is still no sign of Ash’s arrival as a playable character.

Who is the next legend in Apex season 6?

Rampart18, developer Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts announced Thursday. The game’s next legend, Rampart, was also revealed after a series of in-game teases. Apex Legends season 6 is titled Boosted, and will bring with it a new crafting system. “Don’t like your gear?” the official Apex Legends website reads.

Is Apex better than warzone?

As we’ve already mentioned both titles are free, both offer great gunplay, and are aimed at team-based combat. If you’re looking for a battle royale and you can’t stand Fortnite then Warzone and Apex are a good choice.