Quick Answer: Who Does Kawaii Chan End Up With?

Who is kawaii Chan boyfriend?

ZaneKawaii~Chan (real name Nana Ashida,) is a main character throughout all main seasons of MyStreet….Kawaii~Chan (MyStreet)Kawaii~Chan/NanaPrevious Occupation(s)Phoenix Drop High Student Waitress at Maid Café Waitress at IHOP Meif’wa ScoutPartnerZane (Boyfriend)28 more rows.

Is Zane dating kawaii Chan?

Episode 18 of Starlight shows advancements of the Zane~Chan relationship. The pair go on a date where they both find themselves extremely nervous. After some help with his mommy, Zane builds up the courage to talk to Kawaii~Chan and the date is smooth sailing from there.

What does kawaii Chan Call Aaron?

Aaron: Calls Aaron~Kun, Dating Aphmau~Senpai, Lives with Aphmau. Katelyn: Calls Katelyn~Sama, Dating No one, Lives with Kawaii~Chan. Dante: Calls Dante~Kun, Dating No one, Lives with Travis. Travis: Calls Travis~Kun, , Dating No one, Lives with Dante.

How did Aphmau die?

(In Season 2, Episode 42, his son is revealed to be named Jacob as Aphmau experiences a flashback in Aaron’s deceased village.) They, along with his entire village died when he touched the stone in the amulet given to his son by Zane. The deaths from the amulet is known to be a curse.

What is the best Aphmau ship?

Top 10 Aphmau ships10 Zacunda. I feel like no one ships Zane and Lucinda. … 9 Givy. Does anyone else ship Garroth and Ivy?! … 8 Dantole. Dante and Nicole are sole mates. … 7 Katemau. Anybody?! … 6 Larroth. Garroth and Laurance. … 5 Mad. Idk their real names but Katelyns dad and Aphmau’s mum. … 4 Zanemau. My OTP is better but meh. … 3 Travlyn.More items…

Does Ein love Aphmau?

Ein later got Kai to admit he didn’t really love Aphmau, but the plan backfired when Aphmau asked Ein what he knew about her. His answer made it seem like he only used her to become Alpha.

What is Dante’s last name Aphmau?

What is Dante’s last name Aphmau?AphmauLove~Love Paradise Regular Uniform Full NameAphmau ShalashaskaJun 2, 2020

Who would kawaii Chan ship you with?

Who will Kawaii~Chan ship you with? Girls only! Unless you are a guy who wants to be shipped with a guy.

Who does Aphmau end up with?

Aphmau + Dante = Danmau ~ Was slightly popular when Dante first appeared, but 15 years later in Season 2, it was revealed he ended up marrying Kawaii~Chan, so it sunk drastically.

What is Zane’s real name?

Kristina Laferne RobertsZane (author)ZaneBornKristina Laferne Roberts 1966/1967 (age 54–55) Washington, D.C., USOccupationWriterPeriod1997–presentGenreErotic fiction

Did Melissa die in Aphmau?

She was “killed” protecting Kawaii~Chan and Aaron from the Guardian Force.

Is Aphmau dating Aaron?

In the Valentine’s Day Arc, Aphmau is dragged into a double date with Travis and Katelyn, Aphmau’s date being Aaron.