Quick Answer: What Does MOD Stand For?

What shoes do mods wear?

Mod fans are spoiled for choice with our Chelsea boots, loafers, desert boots and brogues.

For a suited and booted look, choose Madcap England Cuban heeled winklepickers.

For casual look, bowling shoes are the authentic footwear to wear with a Mod parka..

What is an MOD man?

mod man (plural mod men) (slang) A person who experiments with and modifies the internals of machinery, electronics, or software that has been mass-produced; a creative mechanic or technician.

What does MOD stand for in music?

modernistThe term mod derives from modernist, a term used in the 1950s to describe modern jazz musicians and fans. This usage contrasted with the term trad, which described traditional jazz players and fans.

What does MOD mean in Excel?

The Excel MOD function returns the remainder of two numbers after division. For example, MOD(10,3) = 1. The result of MOD carries the same sign as the divisor.

What does the acronym MOD stand for?

MODAcronymDefinitionMODMilitary of DefenceMODMemorandum of DecisionMODMean Optical DensityMODMoney-Of-the-Day84 more rows

What does cake stand for Military?

Matthew Wardner.

What is a mod in retail?

MOD (Modular): Different retailers utilize the term MOD in a variety of ways. MOD is yet another word for planogram (POG) and is sometimes used to refer to one 4-foot section of an aisle where a category of goods, like laundry detergent, is on display. For example, the laundry detergent is on MOD 4 in aisle 12.

What is a UFR?

UFR. Uniform Financial Statement and Independent Auditor’s Report. showing only Military and Government definitions (show all 25 definitions)

What is mod amount?

SBI Multi Option Deposit Scheme (MODS) are Term Deposits linked to the Savings or Current Account (individual). Unlike normal Term Deposits which are fully liquidated anytime you need funds; you can withdraw from a MODS account in multiples of 1000 as per your fund need.

What does MOD stand for computer?

modulusIn computing, the modulo (sometimes called modulus, or mod) operation finds the remainder of division of one number by another. Given two positive numbers, a (the dividend) and n (the divisor), a modulo n (abbreviated as a mod n) is the remainder of the Euclidean division of a by n.

What does MOD stand for in the military?

Military of DefenceWhat does MOD stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningMoDMilitary of DefenceMODMemorandum of DecisionMODMoney-Of-the-DayMODMayor’s Office on Disability (San Francisco, CA)24 more rows

What is MOD short for in fashion?

adjective. very modern; up-to-date; being in the vanguard in style, dress, etc. (sometimes initial capital letter) of or relating to a style of dress of the 1960s, typified by miniskirts, bell-bottom trousers, boots, and bright colors and patterns.

What brands do mods wear?

What Is Mod Style?Ben Sherman. … Mark Powell. … G.H.Bass. … Zara. … Fred Perry. … Farah.

What does MOD mean in Python?

modulo operatorPython supports a wide range of arithmetic operators that you can use when working with numbers in your code. One of these operators is the modulo operator ( % ), which returns the remainder of dividing two numbers.

What does MOD stand for in text?

MOD — Moderator. MOD — Molly Obsessive Disorder. MOD — My Other Dad. MOD — Master of Disaster. MOD — Method of Destruction.

What is mod in business?

Manufacture on DemandWhat does MOD stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningMODManufacture on Demand (technology; various companies)MODMusic On DemandMODMotor Own Damage (insurance)MODManager On Duty14 more rows

Is Liam Gallagher a Mod?

Over the decades he’s been a football hooligan, a scooter boy, a hippie, a casual, and a mod, often all in the same breath. What most people (and specifically most men) can learn from Liam is that a carefully constructed casual outfit can far outshine an unthought bog standard tuxedo.

What does MFO stand for Military?

Multinational Force and ObserversMultinational Joint Task ForceRoleCombined operationsNickname(s)MFOWebsitehttp://mfo.org/enCommanders8 more rows