Quick Answer: What Does Kawaii Chan Call Aphmau?

Does gene like Aphmau?

Gene seems to have gotten over his teenage rebellious years and is now a grown man with logic put in his brain.

He is kind and truthful, even opening up about his love for Aphmau when he was a teen..

Who is NOI from Aphmau in real life?

Voice Actors (VAs)Voice ActorCharacter(s)Hayley NelsonCurrently Nona (Ultra Nova)Ian PabitoCurrently JanusMichael A. ZekasCurrently Justin (Ultra Nova) Noi (My Inner Demons) Mysterious Man (VOID Paradox) Ivan Paul Aiden (Phoenix Drop Days) Vance (Heart Point)Rachael MesserCurrently Shanon (Ultra Nova)50 more rows

What episode does Aphmau die?

Mystreet Season 6 episode 8: Aphmau Dies scene.

What is a Neko girl?

Neko is the Japanese word for cat. … Specifically, the catgirl (a woman with cat ears, whiskers, and sometimes paws or a tail) is referred to as a neko. Neko is also Japanese slang for “bottom,” or the submissive/receiving partner in a homosexual relationship.

What happened to Zane’s eye Aphmau?

Garroth tricked Zane and threw a snowball that directly hit his right eye. The snowball secretly had a rock in it, thus it caused Zane’s eye to redden and eventually go blind. He had his hair cover his right eye ever since.

Is Daniel from Aphmau dead?

Daniel is a character that appears as the tritagonist in Phoenix Drop High Season 2 and a main character in MyStreet: Starlight….Daniel (MyStreet)DanielPersonal StatusStatusAliveFriend(s)Rylan Dottie Aphmau Blaze Aaron MariaEnemy(s)Ein Jax Ryder19 more rows

What is kawaii Chan?

Kawaii (かわいい) means “cute” in Japanese. Kawaii~Chan is voiced by Moeka/MegaMoeka. Kawaii~Chan often refers to herself in third-person. … It’s implied that her name is possibly just Kawaii, and Kawaii~Chan is just a frequently used nickname, is very debatable.

Is Aphmau a Shuki?

Shuki [Semi-Active]: A Roblox Channel that was very consistent with posting in from April-July 2020, but as of July 2020 has not posted as much. … But during 2020 it has been rebranded to Aphmau Stories. In the past it was known for posting only Minecraft Roleplay content.

Is kawaii Chan a Meif WA?

Meif’wa have human bodies, but feature the ears and tail of a cat. … However, though fan-favorite, Kawaii~Chan, is naturally born a Meif’wa, she has pink and black ears and tail.

Does Zane love kawaii Chan?

Zane groans while Kawaii~Chan is happy. When asked what they think about each other, Zane says he finds her annoying and that she can be kind of a klutz sometimes. Kawaii~Chan says that Zane is cool, but that he used to be really mean to everyone, so she hopes that changed.

Who is Aphmau’s dad?

ZackZack is the biological father of Aphmau and Ein. He is a former antagonist in MyStreet: When Angels Fall and MyStreet: Starlight.

How old is Aphmau from MyStreet?

26 years oldCurrently, Aphmau is 26 years old (2016) in real life and her Phoenix Drop High counterpart is 14 years old, making a 12 year difference.

What’s an Ultima Wolf?

Ultima is a werewolf that can turn other humans into one of their kind. It is shown that the eyes of the. ultima turns a color of red. This can be triggered through negative emotions such as anger, heartbreak, loneliness, hatred, etc. Things such as abuse, trauma, and adrenaline can also trigger this to happen.

Who is Aphmau’s mom in real life?

Her voice actress, Michaela Laws, is known for voicing Ayano Aishi a.k.a Yandere~Chan, the main protagonist in Yandere Simulator.

Why does Zane call kawaii Chan Nana?

Kawaii~Chan’s real name, ‘Nana’, can be seen as the translation of ‘Seven’ in Japanese, it might be because she was the seventh child in her family, but this was never confirmed. In the finale of Season 6, Zane constantly calls her ‘Four’ after being expelled from Aphmau’s body.

What is Zane’s real name?

Kristina Laferne RobertsZane (author)ZaneBornKristina Laferne Roberts 1966/1967 (age 54–55) Washington, D.C., USOccupationWriterPeriod1997–presentGenreErotic fiction

Why does Zane cover his eye?

Zane covers his right eye because it is blind. ○ Garroth through a snowball directly into Zane’s right eye when they were younger, so that might be part of the cause. Zane’s favourite character from My little horsie is Pinkie Cake. Zane has very pale skin, therefore he burns easily in the sun.

How old is Vylad from Aphmau?

27Vylad (MyStreet)VyladRaceHumanGenderMaleAge27Traits21 more rows

Who does kawaii Chan end up with?

They came to a tie, and made up but still have a friendly rivalry. 15 years later, we do not really know much about what she has been doing, but what we do know is that eventually, she and Dante got married and had a child, Nekoette~Tan. Kawaii~Chan belongs to a race of people called the Meif’wa.

Is Ein Aphmau’s brother?

Ein is the son of Zack and inherited his werewolf genes. … Aphmau is Ein’s paternal half-sister.

Who is Zane’s girlfriend?

Quick WikisReal NameZane HijaziDating/PartnerHeath Hussar (rumored)Married/SpouseNot YetSibling3IncomeUnder Review8 more rows•Jan 17, 2019