Question: Is The RTX 3080 Better Than The 2080 TI?

Why is 2080 TI still so expensive?

To add to what others have said, the 2080ti is EOL.

A lot of companies are ramping down production or ending it completely.

So 2080ti’s are getting scarce.

It’s meant for users who want or need the highest end GPU there is..

Should I sell my RTX 2080 TI?

As soon as the announcement of the RTX 30 series, people jumped on Ebay to sell off their 2080 Tis before the RTX 3070 and 3080 could destroy its value. … However, if you’re selling a 2080 Ti, now is a great time to cash in on that purchase, even if you have to drop down to a lower end GPU for a little bit.

Is RTX 3080 faster than 2080TI?

The results show the RTX 3080 beating the 2080 Ti by around 50 percent in fps, and averaging at around 120fps at 4K with max settings enabled. Nvidia has promised performance on the RTX 3080 will be up to two times the base RTX 2080, and it’s impressive to see the obvious gains in a 4K title like Doom Eternal.

Is RTX 3080 future proof?

and 3080 is expected to be 30% faster than in 2080. 2080 super is not a true 4k gaming card. It can’t play current AAA titles at high/ultra settings at stable 60 fps. So you are not future proof with this card.

Is the RTX 3080 worth it?

If you’re planning on buying a graphics card for 4K gaming, however, then the RTX 3080 is almost definitely worth shelling out for, particularly if you want to make sure your PC is well future-proofed against the games of tomorrow.

Should I upgrade to RTX 3080?

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is the direct successor to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080. It has kept the same starting price of $700 but offers better performance at 4K, and with ray tracing. The upgrade from RTX 2080 to RTX 3080 is recommended, especially since it makes a clearer jump to the next generation of gaming.

Is RTX 3080 good for gaming?

Not surprisingly, as the most demanding game in our test suite, the RTX 3080 also saw some of its biggest leads. It was 86% faster than the 2080 FE, 47% faster than the 2080 Ti, and over twice as fast as the RX 5700 XT. … Even at maxed-out settings, the RTX 3080 hit 156 fps and outperformed the RTX 2080 by 87%.

Why is the RTX 3080 so cheap?

Nvidia has implemented the 2nd generation of Ampere RTX , with twice powerful ,Tensor cores , RT cores and an even better Artificial intelligence with improved DLSS which AMD might take a couple years to catch up. … And for all these features the Nvidia RTX 3080 founders edition will cost around $699.

Is 3080 good for 4K?

We’re talking about results in the hundreds of fps here, so it’s not as if performance was bad on Nvidia’s previous flagship, but at 4K the RTX 3080 is able to comfortably max out a 4K 144Hz monitor, something the RTX 2080 Ti couldn’t achieve.

Is 2080 TI still good?

Simple answer: No, you shouldn’t buy an RTX 2080 Ti right now. Don’t get me wrong, the RTX 2080 Ti is a fantastic graphics card. It’s able to deliver 4K graphics and a taste of the good life thanks to acceleration for real-time ray tracing technology.

How much better is the 3080 than the 2080 TI?

Better texture detail. Nvidia’s 3080 GPU offers once in a decade price/performance improvements: a 3080 offers 55% more effective speed than a 2080 at the same MSRP.

Is it worth upgrading from 2080TI to 3080?

The 2080TI actually has 1GB more VRAM than the 3080. As for performance difference, it’s supposed to outperform the 2080TI by quite a bit, and you could subsidize the purchase of it by selling your 2080TI, and it’d probably be worth it to you.