Question: How Do I Reset My Multicraft Server?

How do I reset my server?

How do I completely reset my server and start over?Once you have logged in, select the server you wish to reset.Select the “Stop” button and wait for your server status to show as “Stopped”.Navigate to “ADVANCED” > “RESET”.A window will appear warning you that resetting the server will result in all files being deleted.More items….

How do you reset a map?

Go into the applications manager. Press on the options button (bottom left of screen) to display a menu. Press on Reset preferences. Having read the warning message, press on the Reset applications button.

What is Multicraft control panel?

Multicraft is a Minecraft server control panel that allows users to manage multiple servers using a single web based user interface. These servers can be on multiple physical or virtual machines depending on the edition.

How do I log into Multicraft panel?

How to access your Multicraft panel:Open a web browser and go to the top right corner, click Control Panels. Click on the panel that matches the server you purchased.Log in using your username and password that were sent to your email.Click Login.

How do I reset my Mcprohosting server?

a. To delete/reset your current world, in File Access tick the checkbox next to the world folder that has the same name as your current world. Afterward, click the Delete button at the top of the screen to remove that world.

How do you reset the nether Multicraft?

How to Reset The Nether on Your Minecraft ServerStop your server if it is currently running. … Navigate to Files > FTP File Access from the left sidebar.Log in to your server’s FTP File Manager.Open the “world” folder (this folder will have the same named as your world).Select the “DIM-1” folder by ticking the checkbox to the left of it, and then press “Delete”.More items…

What is my Multicraft username?

By default your MultiCraft username will be the email address used for your billing account – when using the Chat feature from the control panel this is what will show to players ingame, so yes we can change this for you if you wish.

Is Multicraft safe?

safe for my kids? Due to mild violent themes, MultiCraft – Free Miner should only be played by mature teens over the age of 12. … Parents should know that although the app is an unrealistic cartoon, it still portrays some mature themes, such as mild violence, weapons, monsters, and death.

What is Multicraft login?

Our minecraft server hosting employs the use of Multicraft which is a control panel specifically made for your minecraft server. Once you sign up for a minecraft hosting package the system will automatically send you your login information for the control panel which can be accessed at

Is Multicraft free?

With MultiCraft you can spend good time everywhere and every time! And it’s totally FREE!

Why did my nether reset?

You may have noticed that when switching from a CraftBukkit based version such as Spigot or Paper, to the Vanilla Minecraft JAR, your Nether and End worlds may appear to have been reset. This is due to a difference in the way that dimensions are stored between the two JARs – don’t worry, your progress is safe.

Is there a way to reset the nether?

You cannot reset the nether without making a new world. There always are nether fortresses in the nether so keep looking.

Is there a command to reset nether?

Go ahead and click “Reset Nether”. Type “reset” and press “Reset Nether”. Start your server back up and your nether should now be reset!

What are the commands in Multicraft?

Built-in CommandsCommandParametersbuiltin:startStarts the serverbuiltin:stopShuts down the serverbuiltin:stop_emptyShuts down the server if no players are onlinebuiltin:summontargetTeleports “target” to the player15 more rows

How do you reset Multicraft?

Make sure to restart the Multicraft daemon with the following command after any multicraft. conf changes: “/home/minecraft/multicraft/bin/multicraft -v restart”.

How do I connect to a Multicraft server?

Quick Start Guide for Minecraft server hosting on MultiCraft…Login to your Multicraft panel using admin credentials.Click on Create server button on the left-hand side.Fill in Server description on the following fields: Name: Enter your server name. Player Slots: Enter your desired maximum players count. … Click on the Create button and then on the Start button.

How do I start a new world on my minecraft server?

How to make a new world / levelGo to your file manager and right click on your server. properties and select edit, this will open our text editor.Find the line with level-name=, change the value of this something else. … Then go back to your server overview / console page and click restart, this will now generate a brand new world.