How Can I Be Like Aphmau?

Who is Aphmau’s mom in real life?

Her voice actress, Michaela Laws, is known for voicing Ayano Aishi a.k.a Yandere~Chan, the main protagonist in Yandere Simulator..

Who is Aphmau’s dad?

ZackZack is the biological father of Aphmau and Ein. He is a former antagonist in MyStreet: When Angels Fall and MyStreet: Starlight.

What is Aphmau’s server called?

Aphmoo PodCast Server | Fandom.

Who is kawaii Chan’s boyfriend?

ZaneKawaii~Chan (real name Nana Ashida,) is a main character throughout all main seasons of MyStreet….Kawaii~Chan (MyStreet)Kawaii~Chan/NanaPrevious Occupation(s)Phoenix Drop High Student Waitress at Maid Café Waitress at IHOP Meif’wa ScoutPartnerZane (Boyfriend)28 more rows

Does Aphmau die?

Then Aphmau was shot in the chest by Ein with a laser, and Kawaii-chan was slashed with a sword. Kawaii-chan proves to be okay, but Aphmau dies.

What is Aphmau’s last name in Mystreet?

Main Characters: Aphmau. Aaron. Kawaii~Chan. Dante (S1, S2, & S3)

Does Aphmau have discord?

The Discord will be open to everyone in the Aphmau Community and not just the Wiki so if you know any friends that would like to join, tell them! … To use Discord or read more about it go to !

Does Ein love Aphmau?

Ein later got Kai to admit he didn’t really love Aphmau, but the plan backfired when Aphmau asked Ein what he knew about her. His answer made it seem like he only used her to become Alpha.

How old do you have to be to watch Aphmau?

13Anyone under the age of 13 SHOULD be using the YT kids app, but that is in their parents hands to decide what is appropriate for their kids.

Who would kawaii Chan ship you with?

Who will Kawaii~Chan ship you with? Girls only! Unless you are a guy who wants to be shipped with a guy.

How do you get Aphmau skin?

Standard method First, download Aphmau Winter Coat Skin Download Skin Log in with your Minecraft account at Click profile tab Click choose file, find and select your skin Click upload image Enjoy your new Skin 2.

What mods does Aphmau use?

Both Minecraft Diaries + and Mystreet + are created in tribute of aphmau, a youtuber who creates series involving fantasy or modern day time. They both have known mods such as customnpcs, and decocraft and combines with other mods such as galacticraft and botania.

What does kawaii Chan Call Aaron?

Aaron: Calls Aaron~Kun, Dating Aphmau~Senpai, Lives with Aphmau. Katelyn: Calls Katelyn~Sama, Dating No one, Lives with Kawaii~Chan. Dante: Calls Dante~Kun, Dating No one, Lives with Travis. Travis: Calls Travis~Kun, , Dating No one, Lives with Dante.

What is Aphmau Minecraft?

Parents need to know that Aphmau is a gaming channel that also includes personal vignettes about channel star Jessica Bravura’s life. Bravura started the channel with a group of friends as a Minecraft roleplay channel and often includes friends, Dan and Jason, who play games with her.